5 applications to download music on your Android Phone

Music download applications are essential in almost anyone’s cell phone. After all, the smartphone is now much more than just a communication device, but a complete multimedia center. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the simplest apps to use for you that want to download music on your phone. Check the list below. 1. … Read more

How to download YouTube songs on Android and iPhone

Youtube will give you more control over the recommended videos

There are some songs that only exist on YouTube. The video site is a musical diversity well, but it has some restrictions on how you can consume your content. So your options for listening to music on Google’s streaming service are limited. One of the alternatives is to simply use a tool that allows you to … Read more

How to download videos from YouTube to watch on mobile without installing anything

How to download music from YouTube

YouTube announced YouTube You Go, an application that will allow users to download videos from the site to watch offline. The app, however, will be released first in India, and should only begin to reach the rest of the world by 2017. If you are not in the mood to wait for the application to … Read more