Friday, August 7, 2020
iOS 13 prepares revolution by adding support for USB mice!

How to hide photos and videos on iPhone without installing any app

Native iOS feature allows photo and video files to be hidden in the system for more privacy When using iPhone, it is very common that you end up saving several photos and...

How to access the list of keyboard shortcuts in DuckDuckGo

How to access the list of keyboard shortcuts in DuckDuckGo? Go to the DuckDuckGo search engine. 2. Type DuckDuckGo keyboard shortcuts. 3. And press the Enter key. 4. Also, click the + button to...
Is WhatsApp safe? NO, here's the reason

How to Archive Telegram Chats and where to Find them

Archiving Telegram Chat: here is the simple and quick guide to archive any chat on Telegram, just like on WhatsApp.  Archived Telegram chats Finally, we can archive chat on Telegram: let's see how. Among the...

How to recover or find saved passwords in the internet browser

When using the Internet it is very common that you end up doing registrations in several websites, which for many times require a login and password with varied elements. If you...
Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

How to Reinstall or Reset Windows 10 to default

Good news for those who need to format Windows 10: there is no need to download and reinstall the system. When performing the process, the PC will do the work alone, reinstalling...


Here are 6 tips to save your mobile data to the...

A lot of people do not think about saving their mobile data and only when they get the messages from the operators to inform...