Twitter will remove hate messages against religious groups

Twitter removes accurate location in tweets

Twitter announced an update on its usage policy on Wednesday, 10, with new measures against hate messages targeting religious groups. The service will move to remove posts with this content type, which represents a significant change in platform moderation practices. If the system succeeds, the same pattern can be applied to other protected groups in the … Read more

Google makes it easier to make online payments within Chrome

Google makes it easy to make payments within Chrome

Google has announced a new feature that will help those who like to make online payments and purchases using Chrome. From now on, as soon as you open your browser, you can already make purchases with the saved cards, without having to activate Google Sync, because Chrome itself will fill in automatically. You only need … Read more

Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

Microsoft proposed a change in the color scheme and size of tips box in the browser Edge. The goal is to optimize the tool to make it more visible and accessible, and for this, the company is implementing a technology already available in Windows 10 called the Aura Tooltips. Microsoft commented that “the Windows native tips box does not support … Read more