How to find apps and games you’ve uninstalled from iPhone

By having an iPhone for some time, you should already have installed various applications and games through the App Store, the Apple application virtual store for devices running iOS. Although you have news almost daily, sometimes you may be needing some app that was previously used but you do not know its name. Fortunately, the App […]

How to Reset all Network Settings Saved by Windows 10

When using a computer, especially connected to Wi-Fi or notebooks, you may have encountered some troublesome connection problems such as not being able to access a website or even having an IP conflict. Often, this problem occurs because of the settings that Windows saves, and when encountering a different parameter on the network, problems begin to […]

4 Best file managers Applications for Windows

Often, locating a file on your computer becomes a more complicated task than you might expect. Fortunately, Windows has an efficient tool that is the “File Manager”, essential in almost all devices and whose absence always causes more headache. The native Windows file manager, called Windows Explorer, works great, but sometimes we can search for […]

Stop others from using your Netflix password and other services

There’s nothing worse than opening your Netflix account  to watch a series or movie and finding a black screen that says, “A lot of people are using the account.” But how did other people have access to your password? Often, instead of looking for the culprits, it is easier to simply remove them from your account, once […]

How to stream video games to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

When wanting to show a game for friends, today the easiest way to do this task is to stream his video on the Internet, and some consoles even have this native function through a button, as in the case of PlayStation 4. Those who use the computer do not have a button to perform the […]