IRCTC: How to Book a train ticket without paying in Advance

Even though you may be surprised by knowing this, now the Railways will also provide tickets in loan. For this an ‘e-paper letter’ service has been started. After buying the ticket, interest will not be paid within 14 days of payment. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has tied up with a private company to start the new service. In this, any passenger can make reservation ticket in lending. The credit limit of time payers will increase.

Generate an ‘e-paper letter’ For Registration

If you want to take advantage of this new service of IRCTC, then first you have to log in to the official website After this, you will have to create an account here. To book tickets you must first fill out the information about yourself. After this, a new page will open as soon as you click on Book Now. Here passengers will have to fill the information and data code. After this, pressing Next button will open a new page. On this page payment methods will be asked which will also have an e-paper letter. In this way, you can buy a lending ticket by clicking on the e-paper letter.

Ticket will be cancelled if You will not pay the amount 12 hours before the train running time

If you do not pay up to 12 hours before the train runs on the lending ticket under the e-paper letter, the ticket will be automatically canceled and such passengers will be put in the blacklist. On payment of rental from time to time, the company will continue to increase the limit for booking tickets.

Railways are constantly trying to improve passenger convenience. Under this, e-paper letter service has been started.

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