Best Browser Extensions that will help you make your web browser fast

Sometimes our PC’s web browser does not work properly using the Internet. Because of these cookie-to-cache files in these web browsers, it gives a very slow resonance. In this way, we are going to tell you about browser extensions that will help you make your web browser fast. Most users use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. These extensions are compatible for all three web browsers.


This browser extension is used to make browser scrolling fast. After installing this extension, in the browser, you will be able to scroll faster in web browsing. You can use this extension in Firefox. It can also be used in Google Chrome.

CrxMouse Gestures

With this web extension, you can customize the design and size of your mouse. Along with this, you will also be able to change the mouse gesture. You can install this extension with the Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

Quick Tabs

You can use this extension through your Quick tab in your browser can go easily on any tab. After installing this extension you will be able to change the tab through a keyboard shortcut. It works for both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Super History & Cache Cleaner

Using this extension, you can clean your website’s history and cache and temporary files. This extension increases the performance of the web browser. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Impulse Blocker

Using this extension, you can block unwanted websites. Apart from this, you can also block advertisements websites. You can use this extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox.

Evernote Clipper

With this extension you can save web browsing data. Organize it, as well as retrieve information about the websites you’ve surfed. This extension can be used for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Bandwidth hero

Use this extension to increase the bandwidth of the internet. With this extension, Slow can increase the bandwidth of the internet. You can use this extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


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