Best 4 apps to monitor world weather with 100% accuracy

If you get the exact information of the country-foreign weather sitting in the house then you can avoid trouble during the journey. There are many such apps that give the user accurate information about the weather through news and video, as well as predict the future weather forecast. Know about the same four-storey app …

1. Weather and clock widget for Android

Complete weather information will be available. From the wind speed and direction of almost everywhere in the world, the ultraviolet index is here. Many beautiful widgets are found on portrait and landscape mode. It has a very simple user interface and it looks beautiful on the home screen too. Widgets can show clocks, dates, battery status, weather conditions, and calendar events.

2. 1 Weather (1weather)

Every season has its own importance, it can be monitored at the same time with the help of 12 places. Information can be obtained with the help of graphs and maps. You can share Weather Status with friends on social media with the help of this app. This information can also be shared on mail. There are Sun and Moon phases, weather predictions are also here.

3. GoWeather

Can tell the weather conditions in all kinds of widget sizes. There are live wallpapers too. Weather prediction here comes with many details. Recent or future weather warnings are also received by the user. Dynamic maps, radar, and satellite images are also available here. It can connect with Accuweather and is able to give every possible weather-related information.

4. AccuWeather

Explains the correct weather condition of any corner of the world. This snowfall can predict the rains and the wind can measure humidity. This update keeps you updated through the latest weather news and video. This app can tell the weather in 33 languages. It updates every 15 minutes. It is quite accurate even in forecasting the weather for the coming days.

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