How to Analyze Source Code of any APK files easily

APKTool 2.4 will allow you to easily discover the source code of APK files and reverse engineer the files used to create Android apps (such as EXE files for Windows) Analyze APK Android files easily with the new version of APKTool APKTool is a fantastic program that allows you to decompile the APK file used on Android for the Apps […]

How to find and Change DNS to fastest availble one

In this article we will see how to change DNS on Windows quickly using a small program that will guide you in the change of DNS with a few clicks. I remind you that the DNS are servers that are responsible for translating the name of the website, for example with the IP address of reference that of course is that […]

How to hide search history in Firefox for Android

Let’s see how to hide search history in Firefox for Android step by step: To hide search history in the Firefox browser for Android devices: 1. Touch the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the interface and Settings. 2. Then find and tap “Search”. 3. Finally, uncheck the “Show search history” box. If you […]

Words Story : Tricks and hack to get Unlimited money Android

How to get infinite money, unlimited coins and other tricks in the game Words Story for Android. Tricks for Words Story Android Words Story Updated Android Tricks Are you looking for the tricks for the Android Words Story game? Do you want some tricks to simplify your life in the Words Story game? Are you playing Words […]