Sony PlayStation 5: Big bet on exclusive to defeat the Xbox

It’s hard to say which is the next-generation console most awaited by the players, but if you had to bet … I would say it’s the Sony PlayStation 5! After all, the hype around Sony’s new bet starts to be ridiculously loud. Well, as you may know, the new generation console of the Japanese giant Sony is […]

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC easily and securely

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and used messaging application worldwide. It is available for all smartphones and the Web version allows you to use it on your computer. It’s easy and simple to use, so you need your cell phone nearby and a computer. After the first setup, you do not need to repeat the […]

The 11 best drawing and painting apps for Android

Smartphones and tablets can become real desktops for anyone who likes to draw freely. Through the many apps available on Google Play, you can remake free-hand faces, create paintings, and whatever else your creativity allows. Of course, things get much easier when you have a stylus, but that does not mean you can not do […]

Update for OnePlus 5 and 5T now available! See what changes!

OnePlus has already shared with the world the latest update for OnePlus 5/5T. These open beta versions come with the usual bug fixes, app improvements and a feature that was released with OnePlus 7 Pro. Update for OnePlus 5 and 5T now available! See why you should install! Since these are beta versions, of course, OnePlus will […]

PS5 will not only reduce ‘Loading’ times .. It will say ‘No’ to Loading time!

Sony Systems Architect Mark Cerny has already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will hit the market with a new type of SSD storage. Something that was implemented in the new console, to make of the famous times of ‘loading’, something of the past. That said, at the strategy meeting of the company, Sony revealed that the […]