How to Archive Telegram Chats and where to Find them

Archiving Telegram Chat: here is the simple and quick guide to archive any chat on Telegram, just like on WhatsApp. 

Archived Telegram chats

Finally, we can archive chat on Telegram: let’s see how.

Among the many, the most interesting is surely the possibility of storing chats, a function available for a long time on WhatsApp but which was not yet available to Telegram users.

Here, thanks to the new update the possibility of archiving chats also arrives on Telegram and in this article we will see how to make the most of this new feature.

How can I archive a chat on Telegram?

As anticipated, we can now archive conversations to clean up the list and maybe separate private chats from work chats.

To do this, just swipe left on the chat we want to archive. Nothing could be simpler or faster.

IMPORTANTwhen an archived chat receives a new message it will return to the active ones unless you have silenced it (in this case it will remain in the archive forever). So if you want to archive the chats on Telegram to keep them hidden from your partner, make sure you have them silenced, otherwise, they will be visible again at the first message you receive!

See chat archived on Telegram?

As we anticipated, to make the archived chat line disappear, just swipe left.

How to see chat archived on Telegram?

After doing this, you will find chats stored on Telegram at the bottom of the list. And here you can see all the Telegram archived chats in just a few simple steps. Simple and fast.

It is possible to hide the file by scrolling to the left on it and looking at it again by dragging the screen down and adding an unlimited number of chats in the archive to keep the messages in the desired order.

When chats leave the archive with a notification, they can be archived again to bring them back to their original location within the folder.

How to recover archived Telegram chats?

If, after archiving a chat, you think back and want to remove it from the archives to get it back among others, simply swipe it down to make it reappear on top of all of them.

Archived conversations can be blocked (pins) in order to keep them in order as you like  (when they come back active and you will archive them again you will find them in the same order).

Telegram update last version

So, is everything clear to you now? Have you figured out how to make the most of this new feature of chat archived on Telegram?

If you still don’t see the functionality, download and install the latest Telegram update immediately for your Android or iOS smartphone. 

Download | Telegram

Let us know at the end of the article what you think of this novelty just launched by Telegram.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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