Apple Watch: Know everything about new App Store for it

One of the problems of Apple Watch is a huge dependence on the iPhone. Well, it’s a problem from Apple Watch and also from most Android smartwatches. Focusing on Apple’s bet from the outset that this device has been intrinsically connected to the smartphone. Even with the release of a version with LTE connectivity, the clock continues to be dependent on the iPhone for purchases and facilities. However, everything may change soon. Is that Apple Watch will have a native App Store!

Bloomberg reported that unidentified Apple sources have revealed that they are working on an App Store native to Apple Watch. We remember that the current method of acquisitions involves installing an application on the iPhone. Only then can you add the corresponding app to the watch.

Apple Watch will have an App Store! Does this make sense? 

In fact, it seems to be an interesting decision. Of course applications like Spotify, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, it makes sense to have on Apple Watch and also on the iPhone. However, in others, we just need to have them on the clock. It does not make sense to be taking up space on the smartphone.

The same sources say that having the store on Apple Watch allows users to install apps without any dependency on the iPhone. It’s similar to what the Google Play store does in Wear OS.

However, this represents more opportunities for watchOS programmers. We’re going to start having some native alternatives to apps like Meteorology and the like.

However, Apple is already working on native applications for the watch. For example, new health applications, a version of the Books app to “read” the books from Apple Watch and a calculator.

However, the sources did not reveal any timeline for these releases. Still, it makes perfect sense to be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

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