How to Allow or block Camera Access from Applications in Windows 10

Standard Windows setup leaves applications with access to your camera unknowingly. Here’s how to solve this problem!

Windows 8 has undergone many changes when it first emerged, which began with an example application store of its own. Windows 10 has brought many improvements and changes, some of which may not be as enjoyable as giving access to some features of your PC without your knowledge.

For example, a device that may be accessed without your consent is on your camera or webcam, which thanks to native Windows apps, comes with access enabled by default for some programs. Here’s how to grant or remove access to your camera in Windows 10.


The process shown below does not risk the computer because it is a function of Windows 10 itself. If necessary, you can also revert any changes you make at any time.

How to enable or disable camera access for Windows apps

As stated above, the following process is quite simple to do and does not involve tampering with the Windows 10 registry or any unofficial change. Check out:

  1. Press the “Win + I” keys together to open the “Windows Settings” screen and enter “Privacy”;
    How to Remove Camera Access from Applications in Windows 10
  2. In the menu located on the left, click on “Camera”;
    How to Remove Camera Access from Applications in Windows 10
  3. If you want to disable camera access completely for all apps, uncheck the “Allow apps to access your camera” option;
  4. Otherwise, scroll down and choose which apps can have this type of access;How to Remove Camera Access from Applications in Windows 10
  5. Lastly, if you want to disable camera access for applications outside of Windows Store, uncheck the “Allow desktop apps to access the camera” prompt.

Ready! After you have done this, you do not have to restart your computer or make any other changes. Please note that applications should continue to work even with this change, with only your camera-related features restricted, and any changes you make here may be reversed by you when you deem it necessary.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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