How To Add A Bot To Your Discord Server

Discord is a free chat platform for gamers, available for Web, Windows, Mac and mobile versions for Android phones and iPhone ( iOS ). This app allows you to install bots on servers that add extra functionality, such as playing music and videos, image databases and social tools.

How does a Discord bot work?

A bot is a software created by third parties to perform tasks automatically and help you to save time, which works with Discord using platform’s Official API. Each bot can have a number of different features, which can be useful even for those who don’t play games and are looking for more versatile software for audio, video and text conversations. A bot can range from adding social functions, bot to play music, to customization options, recording the audio of a conversation and more.

How to add bots on Discord

The standard way to add a bot to Discord is through the website of each bot, but to make the task less laborious, there is the Discord Bot List website, which lists all the existing bots, and has filters to facilitate the search by name or theme.

You must have at least one server, and have administrator permissions.

  1. Go to Discord Bot List website.
    Add A Bot To Your Discord Server 1
  2. In the Search field, search for the name of the bot, or if you don’t know, access the category buttons below the search bar.
  3. When you find the desired bot, click the Invite button to access the Discord authentication page.
    Some bots, like, are complete software, need to be installed and may not be compatible with all systems on which Discord runs.Add A Bot To Your Discord Server 2
  4. On the authentication page, click on the Select a server menu, and choose which private server the bot will be included in.Add A Bot To Your Discord Server 3
  5. In Authorize the following permissions, check or uncheck the functions that you want the bot to control.Add A Bot To Your Discord Server 4
  6. With everything ready, click Authorize.

And ready.

With that, the bot will be added to your server and will add a series of new functions that will enrich your gaming experience and conversations with your friends.

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