8 Best Android Free Launchers of 2018

We have selected the 8 best free launchers of 2018 for Android that will completely change the graphics of your smartphone in just a few taps on the display.

The 8 Best Android Free Launchers for 2018

The 8 Best Android Free Launchers for 2018

Android is much more flexible than iOS and simply by changing the launcher you can completely disrupt the graphics of your smartphone or Android tablet.

The Open Source nature of Android allows you to develop applications that replace those installed by default and then the launcher is the part that contains the list of all the app, manages the home screen and icons and changing it we can really customize the whole graphics.

There are dozens of alternative launchers but we have selected the 8 best free launchers for Android.

8 Best Free Android Launcher

Nova Launcher

It’s my favorite, I’ve been using it for several years and I’ve never changed it as the main launcher. It is available in the free version, which for most people is more than enough to completely change the graphics of your smartphone. It has lots of features and in the paid version you will unlock them all. Simply the number 1.

Download APK Nova Launcher

APEX Launcher

The eternal fight with Nova, brings Apex to be among the best Android launcher of all. Always up-to-date with lots of features, many of which are taken directly from the latest versions of Android and other manufacturers. It’s not second to Nova but it’s just a matter of choices.

Download APK Apex Launcher


It is among the launchers closer to what we see on Google Pixels but much more powerful with many basic functions already active, including the bridge that allows you to enjoy the Google feed enabled. For those who love a clean, fast and no-frills launcher, it is definitely the right choice.

Download APK Rootless Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

It is not the best, but if you love the Windows 10 graphics you can not try this launcher that takes many of the features and functions that we see on a normal computer. Too bad that the Microsoft Feed is imperfect and difficult to manage. Very customizable even if less than the others.

Download Microsoft Launcher APK

Niagara Launcher

Although it is still available in Beta, this launcher promises very well thanks to its flexibility and minimalist graphics, which will surely delight many fans of the launcher of the genre that are not lost in useless functions that can slow down the smartphone. It is fast and light.
Download APK Niagara Launcher

POCO Launcher

It is the launcher that debuted on the Xiaomi low-cost smartphone, but that is highly appreciated by users, and although it does not have MIUI, it has a nice graphics, with nice animations and effects but it is light and quality. I’m trying it these days and I must say that it is really fluid and well done.

Download APK POCO Launcher

EVIE Launcher

The minimal appearance, bright and vivid colors, very nice animations are the strengths of this free launcher for Android that could be the perfect companion for a dated smartphone that does not want to be slowed by heavy launchers.

Download APK Evie Launcher

Lunar Launcher

It is not really among the most widespread, but if you want a launcher simple to configure, minimal, but that does not use widgets, so where you have only all the icons of the app to call on the fly, then you’re in the right place. Easier than that you die.

Download APK Lunar Launcher

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